The last tree in a vast desert

An alone tree in the middle of a vast desert, appears to be the last symptom of life that remained in the terrible conditions. Hot days when sun shines brutally and fires everything without anything can scape from its light. Cold freezing nights that kill every new leaf. The sky is only kind once a year or two, but when it rains it’s always with rag and never without storm.

In that conditions and in that dead part of the earth, when everything and everyone finally yields, the last tree still fighting all the odds. It can easily surrender, but it doesn’t give up. Because life will go forever from this land. The tree is fighting not only for the life of itself, but defending the whole life on that land.

There were many real situation in real life in the world’s history similar to the story of this tree and that land. Sometimes you see that it seems all are dead in a nation. Everywhere is nothing except silence. Still, someone holding the flag and fighting a fight that seems to be lost for certainty.

Many might lose. But we had some that won and brought life to the whole nation.

Painting: acrylic on stretched canvas

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