Time passes, regret remains

The beginning of the world continues when the world ends. In other words there is no such thing as eternity or infinity, because they are two identical points in a circular coordinational system. What about us? We are only tiny particles in the vast universe at certain point in time. A lifetime of a fly … Continue reading Time passes, regret remains

Freedom Self Test

We are all slaves! Even you, you brave! We are all slaves! All but with degrees. You want to measure, Your degree of slavery, I have a self test, It works for any race. Life is too short. So the extend, You are free of slavery Is that, the ratio You have control on Your … Continue reading Freedom Self Test

Socialism or Capitalism? Is there a borderline?

I was following Britain's general election for last few days, and I really enjoyed the subjects under debate. At the heart of the discussion I found a fight between Socialism and Capitalism. Free market and privatization or government backed public services. The message I learned: free market and privatization is better for almost anything, except … Continue reading Socialism or Capitalism? Is there a borderline?