Freedom Self Test

We are all slaves! Even you, you brave! We are all slaves! All but with degrees. You want to measure, Your degree of slavery, I have a self test, It works for any race. Life is too short. So the extend, You are free of slavery Is that, the ratio You have control on Your … Continue reading Freedom Self Test

Millions lived inside me millions of time

My soul resides currently in my physical body, witch consists of ,I don't know exactly the right number, billions of molecules. These molecules and atoms flow to my body and go inside and remain for a certain time. Then they leave. It happens millions of times during my life and these molecules had had this … Continue reading Millions lived inside me millions of time

Be Simple

Drawing a real scene is hard Remove details keep it simple Scientific rules are complex Reduce unknowns turn it simple Life on earth is getting tougher Forget excess, be more simple Human relations are involved You do better, being more simple Express your thoughts effectively Avoid wordiness it's better simple You have to work hard … Continue reading Be Simple