I was not prepared for your love

I should have done my homework before You took the test of love and I failed I miscalculated the difficulties that may arise On the way that the destination was your love I discovered too late that you were so good That I should've prepared myself to be in level Now what can I do … Continue reading I was not prepared for your love

She left me that windy evening

She left me that windy eveningWhen the sun height was decreasingThe globe was gradually darkening As I knew later, also my own endingThe sun left the sky, she fiery shiningShe too left my life, her heart burningFrom the words, she couldn't bear hearing The sun came back tomorrow morningShe never came back, I'm still mourning … Continue reading She left me that windy evening

And I Suffer!

He kisses you with affection                                                   and I suffer! He wrongly thinks he owns your heart                                                   and I suffer! I can see regret in your eyes                                                    and I suffer! I know, I'm a loser, who's lost you                                                   and I suffer! You blame me for all came to us                                                   and I suffer! 00:58 - Sunday, May … Continue reading And I Suffer!