Our souls dissolve in sync

Such an enormous feelingrush to me when I onlyhold your hand, in mine. What effect a hug has to do with my soul? What effect a wet kiss can have on my heart? Let me don't ask aboutwhen our body can join. Our souls dissolve in syncbut our mortal bodies, can't. They can join just … Continue reading Our souls dissolve in sync

Strong Woman

Strong Woman!Oh! Strong Woman! The nightmare for the weak menWho prefer to see weak womenEven though they're pretty sureHumanity is built by womenHistory is shaped by womenEspecially by the strong ones Strong Woman!Oh! Strong Woman! Ordinary men complain theyAre not capable of any loveBut they fear to fight for themWinning their love is challengingThen they … Continue reading Strong Woman

For Those Who Don’t Know Chocolate by Amirah Al Wassif

For Those Who Don't Know Chocolate by Amirah Al Wassif is a collected poems book published by Poetic Justice Books & Arts (February 26, 2019) in English. Amirah Al Wassif is a writer based in Egypt and published several books in Arabic that are translated to several foreign languages. This book contains many great poems … Continue reading For Those Who Don’t Know Chocolate by Amirah Al Wassif

Am I On The Correct Path Now?

The wind takes a leaf in any direction                 The weightless yellow-face leaf It doesn't have any powerTo select the path it wants to go Do you feel like this sometimesSuch as that leaf in your lifePowerless, unfortunate, insignificantSubject to many scoundrel bullies Even can't select                             The next step                                                     Save the final destination I felt like … Continue reading Am I On The Correct Path Now?

To Feel Real Love You Need An Eastern Lover

Love is             sweet                       strange                                     mysterious No one can describe it clearlyBut all can feel it certainly Love comes in many forms                                                Agape, unconditional love                                                Eros, pure erotic love                                                Ludus, playful love                                                Phililia, Affectionate love Now I want to tell you something newIf you want to feel the extreme love view You should seek it in                                     An eastern lover. 09:09 … Continue reading To Feel Real Love You Need An Eastern Lover