Hope of returning makes suffering easy

There was a man in a tribe in far, far lands. Where life was difficult and the surroundings cruel. He was wise and kind and supportive. All the individuals in the tribe and even from tribes nearby could count on him in terrible situations. He was not the strongest or wealthiest, but he had something … Continue reading Hope of returning makes suffering easy

Lost in Emptiness

Consider being in a desertIn bare arid desolate, lonelyAbandoned without any resourceAll around you a vast eternityEmptiness, not any living in sightTerror and anxiety and fearOf your fate, your end destinyYou have lost all your virtueYou are lost and it hurts you Vast emptiness, without any edgesLike an ocean, without any shoresYou don't even find … Continue reading Lost in Emptiness

What can help productivity

What can help productivity? Hope, self-satisfaction, praise, and finally money. Hope is important. Someone who is not hopeful during the process can't do tasks well. She is always waiting for a problem to terminate the project. This person can't be productive, and at the end her project may actually fail. Look forward! Self-satisfaction can help … Continue reading What can help productivity