She is pleasant and merry

She is a peaceful soul Looks for true emotions She stays away from fakes Prefers honesty and frankness Her core characters are Innocence and a simple life You may think it's stupid But she's proud about it You may think it's easy To make a fool of her She may get jokes late She may … Continue reading She is pleasant and merry

The most thing that I love

The most thing that I love On earth is that: delightful, graceful, wonderful, beautiful, soul. Those that are lovely most of the time. Yet you may hate them from time to time. When you are confused about their mysteries. They are gentle, tolerant, forgiving Emotive, half part of human beings. Those I love most, On … Continue reading The most thing that I love

Be happy if a girl asks you, do you love me?

She lays her head       On your chestLooks at your eyesWith her searching eyesAfter such a wild actYou had moments agoBoth of you exhaustedSweat on your browYour heartbeat high. With searching eyesShe asks you againFor the thousands of timeDo you love me? Don't be angry with herDon't say how many timeI should say I love youDon't … Continue reading Be happy if a girl asks you, do you love me?

Be certain that she is unstoppable

A girl, a beautiful, gorgeous girlRan from the home violenceWith a guy who said he loved her At first, it was really greatTo live in happiness and loveLiving in freedom, self-confidence Until her boyfriend left herSomeday without any reasonAll the world seemed scary Violence, assault in every cornerThis is the story of many girlsFeeling abandoned, … Continue reading Be certain that she is unstoppable