Sometimes you need a U-turn

Journal, June 11, 2019 Sometimes you need a U-turn in your life. You reach a point you realize you were wrong all your life. Now what is necessary is a dramatic change, which is scary at first thoughts. But when you think about it more critically, you know that continuing the wrong way is scarier. … Continue reading Sometimes you need a U-turn


I knew I’m forgiven

After days and nights without sleepSleep finally forcefully came to meI had a dream then and very soonWhat a dream! sweet as is honeyYou were there and you were happyIt seemed that you have forgottenThe fight we had just before you partI wish the dream was a real oneWe could be together again foreverI wish … Continue reading I knew I’m forgiven

Be Simple

Drawing a real scene is hard Remove details keep it simple Scientific rules are complex Reduce unknowns turn it simple Life on earth is getting tougher Forget excess, be more simple Human relations are involved You do better, being more simple Express your thoughts effectively Avoid wordiness it's better simple You have to work hard … Continue reading Be Simple