More intelligent species tend to be more obedient

As the intelligence of a species goes high, they tend to be more obedient. They usually live in groups and have some kind of social life. They have rules among them and a leader or boss to rule them. For example, look at gorillas and wolves.

At the peak of this subject are humans. They are the most intelligent species on earth. They have a complicated social life and numerous rules among them. They live in such large groups that millions of them can be ruled by a single one.

Having a leader to guide them for good is absolutely fine. But when millions of humans obey a wrong leader that do no good for them is a strange thing. They may abuse the power for their own sake and continue to be in power for years even though most of people now that his is unfit for that position. Only few of them dare to protest and that illegitimate person uses others to silence them.

Many wars were prevented from happening and tens of millions of lives had been saved if humans had not been that obedient.

7 thoughts on “More intelligent species tend to be more obedient

  1. This is Democracy.

    It’s almost like a widespread contagion in recent decades. Any political system that deems itself to be everyone’s savior, is merely taking on the “savior aspect” until everyone is sarcastically saying, “Jesus Christ…” when they aren’t really viewing him.

    I see a man before a podium, raised just six feet about a crowd that he speaks to, and it’s like he’s designated an individual grave to each of his listeners. The dead have no emotions. They are like robots. And truth cannot ever be told to a corpse. Honesty cannot ever be told to a corpse.

    “Democracy” has painted a picture on the globe to say that a human has unlimited choices, and yet, to be certain is to make a choice, and not merely be led into infinity.

    I do not believe in its reign, because I do not believe any political design should state itself like the “new religion” to the world. A utopia, as much as Democracy would like one of those, is impossible. It is impossible, because no utopia could ever withstand the inevitability of life’s hardship. And where does a person flee for escapism whenever such hardship should prove its inevitability? The answer is “everywhere and nowhere”.

    When “Democracy” presents “choice”, I believe it presents the definition of hatred. And that is, the definition of confusion. A land of colors? A land of freedom? There is no such thing, among life, that is always looking for something more.

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      1. I believe that each human will forever be some form of slave, each searching for someone to belong to, or to belong to a certain place.

        Families are born form the former, while nations rise from the latter.

        I once said to myself, “What were the first humans doing upon this Earth? Why, they must have been looking for other humans!”

        I truly believe that each human wants to be guided, like a child of a lot of curiosity. There is no true “freedom” without also being lost, in that freedom. We seek shelter, we seek food and water.

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