Hope of returning makes suffering easy

There was a man in a tribe in far, far lands. Where life was difficult and the surroundings cruel. He was wise and kind and supportive. All the individuals in the tribe and even from tribes nearby could count on him in terrible situations. He was not the strongest or wealthiest, but he had something special. He had the power of giving hope to hopeless. He could guide someone who felt disappointed, caught in a corner, with no path remained to go out, with his wisdom. And it almost always worked.

“We are here on a quest, ” he always was saying. “The easy days will come. All the pains you suffer is a test, to make you prepare for the day of glory and happiness.”

But one day the trouble knocked on his own door. His hut went on fire when he was on the mountains and his wife and children were all gone. All the people around him tried to console him and and support him. He was still strong and finally could handle it. He survived physically but destroyed internally. The most important thing that died in him was hope.

  Hope for the better day
One expects the other day
Is what makes the difference
Between the living and dead

He was dead inside and people expected him as a living. They came to him and laid before him their problems. His advice was different now:

 The life is cruel
With strong dreams
There is no hope
in this fighting
You should surrender
And only enjoy today
For at the end one day
you will be eaten by earth

Life on earth was always difficult. Especially for the first settlers. Hope was the only strength that helped people to survive. Hope of returning to the land of no worries, that we all came from one day.

Humans can't handle
Stress and difficulties
They are originally from
The planet of no worries
They seek all the life
To reproduce a weak memory
Of the life there and then
They all live with hope
Until they finally die

The tribe of our story but, disappeared and there is no words from them in the history.

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