Just Breathe

The Cooking Writer

horse two

She sits under the weeping willow,

it’s tears surrounding her in sorrow

She wanted to preserve her heart,

keep it from the pain of loosing another

For now all she can do is just breathe

Her eyes scan the open meadow,

it was secluded, no one to comfort her

She wishes to be happy,

have some kind of deliverance from her broken heart

But for now all she can do is just breathe

Must she sustain this misery?

Can her heart be plentiful again?

Will she find another love?

She slumps to the cold damp earth

There were no tears left,

they had dried up like a summer drought

She tries to just breathe

Suddenly she feels another  presence

She  looks through sadden eyes,

wondering if her prayers have been answered

In the distance she sees something,

is it him or an illusion?

She waits as the figure gets closer

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