Journal, Thursday, August 1, 2019

Life is all about selecting between options. Everyone needs to select between options in his life and every single decision affects the path that person goes and the final destination he reaches in life.

Sometimes we are not happy with our status quo, so the first thing comes to mind is that, what did I do wrong in my life that I’m in this unsatisfactory situation? It is good as a first step, but it is harmful if we stay there. We should use the failures as a guide to correct our path toward the goal.

Thinking about bad decisions and wrongdoings in life should be part of the everyday schedule, but it should not prevent us from moving on. Correcting the direction toward the right path could be gradual and step by step. But to prevent getting lost in daily routines, the best way is to have a major plan and then deciding on the details as we go forward. We don’t control every aspect of our life, but we can select what would be our final destination. So, first decide, then plan, and go, and never forget to change the plan details if it needs changing.

3 thoughts on “Journal, Thursday, August 1, 2019

  1. “never forget to change the plan details if it needs changing”

    This is important. Often we get so set on a plan of action or on a schedule that we think we cannot make adjustments, or listen to our intuition, that inner voice that may be asking us to reconsider our plans. However, this can sometimes be difficult when we have fixed plans or long-term goals, and we don’t feel good about not achieving our goals. In the end, I think flexibility is more important than stubborn and blind persistence.

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