Sometimes you need a U-turn

Journal, June 11, 2019

Sometimes you need a U-turn in your life. You reach a point you realize you were wrong all your life. Now what is necessary is a dramatic change, which is scary at first thoughts. But when you think about it more critically, you know that continuing the wrong way is scarier. You never reach your destination, but instead, go farther in the wrong direction. First, think again. Is it necessary? Is it the right path to choose for the rest of your life? If the answer is yes without any doubts, don’t hesitate to do it.

Humans are usually addicted to their habits and expectations. So, changing them is hard at first. The second step is changing your expectations of yourself and changing every habit that prevents you from going toward your goals.

The third step, and sometimes the hardest, is changing expectations of people around you about yourself. They know you for a long time and expect you as normal in that way. When they see some dramatic changes in you the become worried about you. They try to guide you to the old “correct” way. To avoid this, try to explain your new plan to who matters, and ignore comments from all others that aren’t important. People around you can easily distract you from being the new person you like to be. Without this change correction of your path to the desired destination is impossible.

8 thoughts on “Sometimes you need a U-turn

  1. I really like this – you are so right when you say that making the change can be harder than just carrying on. There’s this fear, as if it’s all going to work out worse even though you know it’s the right thing to do. I can relate many experiences in my life to this!

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