How long will you live?

Journal, June 10, 2019

You only live the days you have an unforgettable memory on it. If you don’t have enough of those days, then your life is actually much shorter than the years you wandered on earth, even though you live for a hundred years. You get old very soon, and you have not enough memory to share or think about.

So try your best each day to do at least one memorable act. Do it frequently so, that when you finally become an elderly person, you would have so many tales to tell. You can absorb a community of youth and same-aged people around you, like some amazing grandparents that everyone enjoys being in their company. Try not to be boring to avoid being alone when you are old.

Believe me the scariest thing in advanced years is loneliness. I saw a case today that caused me to think about this. You need to be an interesting fellow in old age. You can achieve this by living an exciting life. You have then the chance of avoiding being alone because you have many intriguing stories to share, instead of telling people around you just about regrets and negligence.

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