How I Find An Idea For a Poem

Poems usually come to mind accidentally based on your everyday experiences and emotions, but when I need to write a poem I try some tasks to come up with an Idea. Here I list some of these.

I sit behind my desk. The first thing I do is some reading. Novels, poetry collections, history, classic Persian poem divans, even technical books about my profession may blink at me and I chose one of them. Sometimes after reading for a while an idea for a poem hops in my mind, sometimes not at all. I still enjoy my reading, but this is not working in the present moment.

Another source of inspiration is daily news. I browse news network sites and read the news. Not always but sometimes this act yields a result and I find an idea for my new poem. But again if I couldn’t, it’s okay. I’ve just read some daily news that can help me with my writings.

Social media is also a good start for searching for a good idea of a poem. People honestly share their daily experiences, emotions, and stories on social media, that some of these have a good storyline behind them, which can be a great source of inspiration for a poem.

Drawing can also help to think about a story behind that image. During drawing and coloring, I usually develop a storyline that after finishing the drawing I use it for developing a full idea for a new poem.

I recall memories from the past from time to time when meditating. I browse in my memory events that can’t be forgotten, from my own experiences in life or people I know personally. These memories, too, can help me come up with an idea for a poem.

Writing a poem can’t be a forced task and it happens in strange moments, but we can reproduce those moments somehow. Those are some of the tasks I do before writing a poem. For every person creativity blossoms in their special way.

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