Doing it in the old way worked better for me

I used to rely heavily on technology in my everyday work until a few months ago. For my writing, I always sat behind my desktop and typed the words in a document. For planning and scheduling, I used different applications. When I needed to create some artwork, I preferred using a computer design or drawing program, or a 3D modelling tool. Even for my communications to the loved ones I mostly used instant messaging apps, sometime within the same place.

But this changed when I used a pencil and paper for my writing. It was a great experience. Not only I could write more words for the same time periods, but it was quite relaxing, too. I could feel my tranquillity of soul and mind after finishing a piece of writing, in place of eys sore and headache that I used to have after typing my writing for the first time in a computer. I still needed to type my writing into a computer, but it was only a mechanical task, not a creative work that needed so much of brain activity. Writing down for the first draft really felt good using a pencil and paper. After a few months, I have piles of writing from journals and poetry to articles and short stories. I now have a great archive that if I continued on my old way, they just were only some data on a hard disk that never could give me the same feeling.

For planning and scheduling, too, these old methods seemed to work better for me and helped me be more productive. A sticky note on the edge of my monitor or list of to-dos or weekly goals on the wall right in front of my work area had far better effects than some notifications at the corner of my monitor or at the top of my cell phone screen.

For art, I used to spend a huge amount of time learning how to use and master many applications. I need to use them still for some editing but putting the idea to paper for the first time is really better. As of writing with pencil and paper, drawing manually on real paper feels far better than drawing on a monitor using a light pen. The finished work is also more rewarding. You have a piece of art in your hand that you’ve just created, and as time goes on you have an archive of them. Who knows, maybe you become one day a well-known artist or writer and these archives can be a source of income for your grandchildren. Besides this, you benefit from this task spiritually, too. Expressing your emotions and thoughts in the form of a drawing is beneficial for your inner peace of mind and soul. You forget about any source of worries for minutes and hours during and after drawing and stress drains out of your nerves.

The best part of this method is but, in communications. One day I wrote a letter to my wife and after sealing in an envelope stealthly put it under her pillow. The effect of it after she had read that was thousands of times greater than any text I’d sent to her on instant messaging apps. I do this letter writing now frequently and she always checks under her pillow to see if a new letter is hidden there. She has now a box full of love letters. I write to my kids, too. They love it. Only my older daughter can read. For younger girls, I write them in the form of drawings and they can get the message.

I suggest you too, experiment these old methods and put aside technology for a few hours a day. It may be helpful.

4 thoughts on “Doing it in the old way worked better for me

  1. Thanks for sharing, great idea to take a break from technology from time to time. I find that it really increases my productivity. How long have you been blogging?

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