Protection or Imprisonment

He says it’s protection
She says it’s imprisonment

He says it’s love without any limits
She says he controls me in all aspects

He says she is for him such as his breath
She says he holds me tight that can’t breath

Where is the borderline between
Caring and support and respect
And control and feeling of being owned?

He tells her about a tale
As an example, of a leaf
The leaf was on a branch
On top of a high proud tree
It felt confined on the tree
It left the peace of the branch
But freedom cost was so high
The wind owned then the leaf
Turned it in any direction at will.

But she smiles and responses
I am not a leaf, but a human
I love you so much, it’s true
But I can live happy alone
However, storms of difficulties
In life may be threatening strong
I live here with you because
I love you, not that for need.

22:43 – June 2, 2019

8 thoughts on “Protection or Imprisonment

  1. Love is both protection and imprisonment, as I see it.

    In love, one is caged. In a home, this is the cage where one, as a burglar having invaded their own territory, has found the place to be alien. All corners are dark, and all space seems blank. This is, of course, the only destruction of love; that is, dissatisfaction. A woman’s in within a man’s home, while a man is within a woman’s heart. Should one take the love and flee, it is the heart that usually flees. This is the scenario of that burglar taking whatever is in his own home, and fleeing with it. Abandonment.

    A man is attached to a woman, and should a woman give chase, a man must chase after her. To next beg forgiveness, and find whatever mercy she may leave on his shoulders. That is, so long as she’s not turned him into a function, a use, over merely someone to love, then the forgiveness will be genuine.

    Dissatisfaction is the “wanting more” aspect that comes around to destroy love, when love itself should make the lovers want nothing more than one another.

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