A Writer's Soul

What does it mean…?
That you have such a hold on me,
That I can trace remnants of you in everything,
The way I laugh, the way I close my eyes when I first look up at the moon,
Or the way I see your reflection in all the windows I pass,
I wonder,
What it means…
Better off all alone, I know,
But you’re here now,
So keep me company a little while longer,
You fall back into me, a grip too tight,
I can’t breathe,
I can’t keep drowning on…with you,
What does it mean…
There you are again,
In the reflection of the water,
I’m reaching for you, I swear!
But, you slip away every time,
Dive deeper,
I wonder what it means as I fall further and further,
I swear I feel you,
So tight, I can’t…breath…
Such a strong hold on me…
Who do you…

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