As you get older time appears to go faster

In the first 18 years of life, time appeared to pass very slowly. We had a long childhood before going to school and 12 long years of school. My me it was half of my life till now, yet I always feel that that period in my life was much longer and days passed with such a slow pace.

After going to university, time started to accelerate a little bit and days and weeks came and went faster than before. I had thought that when I leave school I have more control over my time so I can have more time for myself. But I was wrong. It was correct that my time was not strictly scheduled by the school but in reality, I didn’t have much time.

Things got worse after graduation and work. I can’t believe how I’ve spent year after year with such a high speed. And worse is that it is still accelerating yearly as I am getting older.

But time measures didn’t change in recent years. One second is the same one second as before and each day is still 24 hours. I thought about this issue today. The answer I could find is that our responsibilities increase as we get older. When I was at school I was only responsible for myself. After graduation, work, marriage, first kid, second kid and third, gradually you get responsible for many new things and you need always to worry about something. This prevents you from one valuable possibility in childhood: living your present moment. As an adult, you always regret about the past and worry about the future. This steals from you the joy of living the present. So days, weeks and years pass and after a couple of decades you don’t have much memory from those years so you say to yourself: how fast these years are coming and going.

3 thoughts on “As you get older time appears to go faster

  1. Enjoyed your post about time accelerating. Rather hoping that once one gets to middle age, time will slow down again …. Hence, I wrote a response called ‘All Three of Me’. Glad you ‘liked’ it!

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