Each Drop

I thought childhood would last forever

But it does so only in memory.

It hit me in hindsight of sex and love,

With thoughts of the death allotted to me.

My childhood friend lost her life today.

She was one I shared innocence with

And a time that had nothing to do

With loss, determination or grit.

I thought then butterflies flew forever.

Animals were never shot down for fun.

I’ve grown up now and seen prejudice kill

And blinded hatred win life’s distance run.

Things are no longer coloured for me.

They’ve all turned a hazy shade of grey.

If only I could bring assurance back,

Or have a modicum of childhood stay.

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And I Suffer!

He kisses you with affection                                                   and I suffer! He wrongly thinks he owns your heart                                                   and I suffer! I can see regret in your eyes                                                    and I suffer! I know, I'm a loser, who's lost you                                                   and I suffer! You blame me for all came to us                                                   and I suffer! 00:58 - Sunday, May … Continue reading And I Suffer!



Bright sun,

I see you for the first time

Wearing black,

Looking beautiful

In the lovely city of Shiraz

I walk past the perfume shop,

But it’s your fragrance that entices me the most

The carpet seller calls out to his customers,

While I am still looking at you,

I see you going towards the book stalls,

You open a book, the color of Sapphire

You read something that makes you laugh,

It is at this moment, I give you my heart

You keep the book down and suddenly there is Chaos,

Whether in my mind, or actually on the streets of Shiraz,

I never get to know

But I lose you to it,

I keep looking like a fanatic, in all the corners, in all the shops,

My hair is Dishevelled, my heart is beating as I look for you,

I fall twice,

once in love with you and…

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Writers Blog

Cold feet,
busy streets, humming deep
an inaudible tune spoken aloud
a dark secret meant to keep.

Aiming at
those liquid skies
burning at my solemn eyes
someone told my darkest thought
and I told him little lies.

Blurry contours
a scratch on my throat, bleeding
in hollow forest floors, I slipped
pour me in, scarlet seeping.

ivy choke
silent screams echoing
words I spoke.

I ache
dull knife gnawing at my seams
disappear beneath the waves
underneath a shade of bone, moonlit beam.

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Phoenix With A Pen

it is hard to stop

when you’re running a race

a marathon, if you will

it’s like an endless chase

there is no end in sight

and perhaps none exists

but every once in a while

you’ll feel yours within your reach

you will separate yourself

from the reality that you live in

isolation is convenience

numb is the only feeling

you will strive for success

that you’ll never truly savour

when you want it,

it shines like diamonds

once you achieve it,

it’s a mere graphite rock

we are made to believe that

this is a part of life

but never once

taught to question

if there is any respite



Image: I saw this gorgeous painting at the National Gallery of Canada recently and was so engrossed in it that I even forgot to note its name or that of its creator. (any help would be…

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I Like the Chase, but I’m Running Out of Breath

Something In The Rain

My heart the coyote,

You the roadrunner.

I the wolf,

You the moon.

I am chasing after your love,

I am howling for you.

I like the adventure,

But I’ll grow tired soon.

Can’t you see?

We go together,

Like a Phoenix and fire.

This hunt has

Awakened my wildest desires.

So don’t look else where,

Don’t look to her.

I will serve my heart on a silver platter,

If that’s what it takes

To make you stop running away.

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