Beautiful Hues – A Poem By Amrin Abbas

Amrin's Poetry

Brighter than the stars in night,
Darker than the fright,

Your smile is breathtaking,

As the aurora’s of North side;

Those kohl like iris are something,

I don’t want to forget those in cost of anything;

You say, the stone represent your heart,

But Darling, there’s always a start;

You believe or not

But I believe in you,

That I’ll succeed in making you mine through,

The darkest path,

Where there’s no escape to the last

Not as an obsession,

You’re my passion,

Your happiness is the first rule of the game,

The game I intentionally setup as your heart is my aim;

Expendituring all my effort,

Leaving nothing to extort,

I aspired that,

Smitten by my charm,

Your ice cold heart will be warm,

Cherishing my love for you,

I won’t allow my morals to get away,

Cause I know you aren’t far away,

Somewhere in my heart,


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planet me.

Within the stillness of this room
The distance still clutching
moments of you
An echo of laughter caressing the walls
The soft imprint upon the sofa
Holding in fondness the memory
Of where you just sat.
Opposite; still warm upon the table
The ceramic cup only now half full
Graced by faint lipstick from where
You last drank.
Only moments before we; so close
Now, I stand
Amidst sweet scented perfume
A vapour exaggerating
My hearts deep longing accented further by
My tears
Falling, calling your name
I wish that you were still here
As I truly miss you – the most.

©R.J Britten

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