Under cover

Postcard from life lately

Wide open spaces.

A void.


I love to spend my evenings brain in peace, wrapped in my blanket,
a glorious expression of a magician of sorts that woven it with colours of dreams.
I love watching the stars coming out, cucooing from their hiden spots.
I love skimming waves of rainbows and wind with my fingers.
I love to touch the air, feel the breeze and wind caress.
Under my blanket cover I find a sort of sunshine in the darkness.
Protected by it I can safely drift off to my mother’s voice and my father’s lullaby.


All posts and short stories on this blog are the works of @so.B.it and @postcardfromlifelately. Unauthorised use and/or duplication of this material without the express and written permission of the author is strictly not allowed. You may use excerpts and links or reblogs of this material provided that complete and clear credit…

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