Selecting a competent leader determines a nations’ fate

An administrator should administrate. This is obvious. The most important task of an administrator is to decide and choose the best option among several alternatives.
For a president of a country and his administration, this is more critical. Their decisions have effects directly on their nation and on the world indirectly. The president of a country has a hard time in decision making every day. He has many aids and advisors, but those people are appointed by the president and their point of view to the matters generally coincides with the president.

The president like any other human being bases his decision on his point of view, education, past experiences, beliefs, and even emotions. For that reason selecting the best leader is the most important task of a nation. Some with sound judgment in difficult situations and ordinary ones. If he can bring some creativity to his rule and guide his nation to whole new possibilities it’s a plus.

In recent years, in some western countries that established democracy for decades or even centuries, one observes that the majority of voters are now disappointed about the system and they simply don’t care who wins and refuse to participate in elections. The effect of this act is that now more incompetent and corrupt politicians now rule around the world, with extreme political views that could not find a way to power for decades. This is a critical moment in the history of these nations and the world as a whole because if the leading countries in the world fail and lose their way, what about growing nations who are seeing them as a role model in their social, political, and economic development?

If these incompetent leaders remain in power for a long time the whole world position degrades in all aspects. All achievements in the last decades are in danger. Political unrest or international ones may cause tensions and with not enough wise leaders in power may lead to civil wars or conflicts between countries. The economy will also suffer in the long term as well as politics and the world becomes a worse place to live.
All nations are in need of great leaders. These leaders determine the fate of their nation in the first hand and the world indirectly. Some nations don’t have an option to change their leaders peacefully, but most do. These nations may have objections about the current political system of their countries, but they can change it for better with some effort. Those nations should work harder for selecting the best leader and improving their political systems. Nations that can’t select their fate themselves have another story and they have a long way to go yet.

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