I’m on my way to be an artist!

Journal – Thursday, May 30

When I started drawing a few weeks ago I didn’t expect how I would enjoy it. After a few weeks of practising and trial and error, I am really enjoying it and also creating paintings that I myself enjoy to look at them. I’m not a professional artist and don’t know are they fine from artistic aspects, but the fact that I can relax myself doing it when I’m tired from work or nothing comes to mind to write, is enough for me.

I’m a writer and in my free time my main task is writing, but now I have another hobby to fill the gaps when I can’t write any more or when I need a break. These are my works for today. I wish some artist friends that follow my blog could comment on them.

Pencil drawing – Lovers

Color Pencil – Sleeping Woman

Color Pencil – Woman in Beach

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