I texted you because I needed you

I texted you
Because I needed you.
But you ignored!
The message I sent
Got the seen tick.
Yet you didn't respond!
I saw you active
With that green circle
Below your name.
You are texting someone else!
You don't care I'm here waiting!
I called you
Because I couldn't wait anymore.
You rejected the call!
Why she is doing this to me?
Does she is upset with me?
Let's think maybe I mistakenly did something.
I was at the point of no hope
When finally you returned the call
You said you were sorry
That you couldn't respond.
Some kids were playing on your phone!

10:20 – Thursday, May 29, 2019

2 thoughts on “I texted you because I needed you

  1. Ahhh…so glad I don’t have a social media account or internet on my phone. Hearing a voice of the ones you love works so much better. When they don’t answer, I leave a voice message but 98% of the time they answer or call back.

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