Hafez: I suffered pain form a love, Don’t Ask How!

In a recent post, I have presented a Ghazal of Hafez and provided translations both from Herman Bicknell and form myself. However, I found out that I personally liked my own translation more (I’m not such an egotist ;D) which is simply put to words and easy to read and understand for nowadays reader. So, as a Hafez fan from my childhood I see that in myself to write a translation of Hafez Ghazals in English. I’m enjoying the process and hope you enjoy reading it too. I don’t provide classic translations here, and only original Ghazal in Persian and my own translation are given.

Original Persian Ghazal

درد عشقی کشیده ام که مپرس *** زهر هجری چشیده ام که مپرس
گشته ام در جهان و آخر کار *** دلبری برگزیده ام که مپرس
آنچنان در هوای خاک درش *** سرزنشها شنیده ام که مپرس
سوی من لب چه می گزی که مگوی *** لب لعلی گزیده ام که مپرس
من به گوش خود از دهانش دوش *** سخنانی شنیده ام که مپرس
همچو حافظ غریب در ره عشق
به مقامی رسیده ام که مپرس

Translation of Ghazal

I suffered pain from a love, don't ask how!
I've tasted bane from parting, don't ask how!
I wandered around the world, and at the end
I've chosen such a beloved, don't ask how!
I missed being on her front door so, as such
My tear is streaming from eyes, don't ask how!
You bite your lips to signal me, don't speak
I've bitten that rosy lips of her, don't ask how!
I myself with my own ears from her mouth
Heard such a strange tale, don't ask how!
Like Hafez who is a stranger on the way of love
I have reached to such a rank, don't ask how!

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