The Place You Live Should Not Be A Source Of Shame

When I was admitted to Shiraz University, one of the best universities in Iran, my father decided to buy me a desktop computer. Our village where my family lives is some 600km far from Shiraz. He came all this distance with a truck to buy me a computer and also a calf of good breed for breeding his cows.

First, we went to the computer shop that we had ordered our model previously and it should have been ready now. My father said to the shopkeeper, as you are working with computers it’s more appropriate that I pay you by check and pay the farmer who we intend to buy calf by cash. The shop owner said with a mockery tone, now the villager has cash but saves it for somewhere else and gives me a check.

My father got angry. He said when you were a baby I was studying in the best universities in the capital, Tehran. I’m a villager but I’ve never been less than any city resident all my life. All my study was in high school in this city and my university in Tehran. So he angrily paid him by cash.

When he went to the cattle farm and wanted to pay for calf by check the farmer refused to accept the check. He said a farmer is absolutely an honest man. You needn’t pay me anything yet. When you went back to your village transfer my money to my bank account at your will.

2 thoughts on “The Place You Live Should Not Be A Source Of Shame

  1. What a wonderful story, Hamed! The cattle farmer is such a wise man and I’m sure will never run out of loyal customers. Your father gave you a great gift on that day, of his love, his time, his understanding of your needs and people’s character.

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