Nothing Can Stop A Man With A Great Ambition

My grandfather died in a ship drowning incident when he was traveling to Bahrain in the Persian Gulf. He was working there as many others from our village in those years. My father was 12 then. So their family lost their source of income and my young father became the man of the family consisting of a mother and a sister and three other brothers. My father was also planned to go with my grandfather that year, to work as an apprentice, but my grandmother begged him to let him stay one more year. But that was the last trip of my grandfather and he never came back. This caused my grandmother to make a decision that was despite the normal trend those days. It was customary in that time that boys at ages about 12 were sent to work in Persian Gulf emirates. But she was determined to let her sons go on a different route, despite all financial difficulties that the family had.

The day my father was to part to go to a nearby town to attend a high school, his clothes were not ready. But my younger uncle who was the same size was ready. My grandmother put on the clothes on my father but my uncle did not accept it. He insisted that he put off the clothes. They fought on the stairs and on the roof of the house and finally, he forcefully put off the cloth from my father. So he was forced to go to school using his old clothes.

The moment he entered the class, all the students laughed at him because of his clothes. They continued the air of mockery during the introduction by the principal. Then he saw that there is no place left for him to sit behind a desk, so he went and sat down on the floor as was common with people in the village. The class exploded with laughter. They also laughed at him after they heard his accent. He was a source of fun for all the class, but he didn’t care and only concentrated on his studies.

This situation continued until the first season of examinations. When it appeared that he had gained in all subjects the first and complete grades, his classmates gradually began to respect him. He was successful all his study time and made many friends they all respected him. When I see one of them by chance they always say your father is a great person and a source of inspiration for many.

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