My First Writing Experience

What was your first serious writing? At what age did you write it?

I wrote my first writing when I was 8. I was a book lover and a reader since my first year at primary school. I started reading magazines that were available at our house. My father subscribed for a magazine that was specially printed monthly for children. I started reading as soon as I learned all the Persian alphabet in first grade. A couple of years later one of my father’s friend published a poetry book that was a collected poems of a local poet that lived some 50 years ago here. He was a literacy teacher, and my father was also a teacher at the same school but he taught physics. They were friends from childhood and they visited each other frequently. His publication was an inspiration for me to do the same thing then but in my own childish way.

I wrote some poems and cut papers in the form of booklets and bond the papers to form a book and paint a cover and wrote a title. I wrote illustrated stories too. I got them ready for the time my father’s friend would come to our house. I didn’t know a thing about the publishing process and even know nothing about selling the book. I did not about financial aspects. I only wanted fame and glory and self-satisfaction. He came to our house some days later. I showed him my works. My father said Hamed is wishing to be a writer like you. He provided some sample works. He wants you to publish it.

He laughed first. The whole party laughed and I didn’t know why. The friend said it is a good idea. but you should study now and become a writer when you are graduated. He didn’t even look at my works. He didn’t open one of them and hand them back to me.

I took their actions personally. I thought my works were not good that they laughed at me. But he didn’t even open the booklets. I thought maybe he is right. It’s very soon for me to right. I will be someday a writer.

The next morning I burned all the booklets. After that experience, I never showed my writing to anyone. I occasionally wrote but always burned them for fear that someone may see it and laugh at my writing.

This also affected my character. I was afraid of putting myself to public opinion. I was shy in public. I avoided asking questions in school and tried to find answers to every question myself, but it was not hard for me because I read a lot and had always enough knowledge for my age. I became shy and afraid of speaking in public too. My joy was then reading books.

This period had extended for two and a half decades of my life until I was forced to attend a live talk show in a local TV program. Our family was invited for being a model of a family business that succeeded in creating jobs for themselves and the people around them. Being in a live TV show was at first very stressful for me but I was successful in it and after experiencing this moment, it arose in me the old ambition of being famous and being loved by people. This time I decided to write but show my writing to the world.

3 thoughts on “My First Writing Experience

  1. Adults have their terrible way of ruining, destroying children’s honesty, confidence, courage. They simply can’t realize they can cut off the-just-starting-to-grow wings. They scar children’s hearts, scars that sometimes remain for the entire life. Yet, what is meant to be, it will be. The passion in a child’s heart can’t be destroyed.

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