Writing Journal – Wednesday, April 17, 2019 – 9:35

Writing a novel is not a straightforward trip. It’s a journey that its destination is not known beforehand. It is wandering and discovering. The journey may end soon or very late or may come to no end, but confusion. During writing a novel many characters are born in the writer’s imagination and many more are gone out of the story in the background. The writer experiences many events and accidents and use some of them in his story and disposes of many more.

Writing a novel is a mental exercise. The writer should create a whole new world to be his story world. Then fill it with own-created characters, with differences in goals that are in conflict with each other and clash as the story reveals.

Any writer will live with his story during writing a novel. Its characters are well-known to him. The story world of his novel is a real world for him. He feels the struggle and pain of his characters and tries to show all of these in the best form to his readers. He likes when he sees that the reader has devoted her emotion to the story and sees something from herself in a character in the story.

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