Journal Wednesday, April 10, 2019

To earn a living from writing is a dream for many writers. But it takes a long time and a great chance for a few to reach that point of great success and feel the joy and happiness of the moment they decide to quit their day job and devote all their time to what they believe is the best right job for them. Anytime one writer sees some other writer announces that she is finally decided to give up her day job and select writing as the only career, he feels happy and jealous at the same time.

He is happy because he can see that a writer could reach to a point that she can confidently go out of her security of a fixed salary and risk the uncertainty of the writing income. It can inspire him to try more to reach that point himself.

The jealousy is something that is naturally available in every human being with degrees. When one sees one of his colleagues surpassed him, this is the most natural feeling to envy her. But this also helps the fellow writer to try more toward success.

To be confined to another job for a writer is hard as being in prison is hard for a prisoner. But many writers have no other options. They have to continue until the moment they see in themselves the capability of earning expenses only with their writing. I wish this moment for myself and any other writer.

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