Hope Is Essential For New Dreams

Hope is Essential in life. Without hope, there is no reason for trying to reach a better state in life. I was hopeless for a few years, and as I review I failed to do anything special during those years. These years are a dark period in my life. I am optimistic now because a dream returned my hope. I should fight for the stage that I deserve. I will try hard this time. I consider every little chance of success as a great possibility. This time I will persist for enough time on every project until I find the final goal, or I’m certain that there is no chance for success in this way.

I declare myself a writer now. I will publish my book in the near future. The question is that if I would be a successful writer. This is depended to many factors and I try my best to do as much as I can to be successful. Writing is the only fortune that I have now. I should gain a living from it and also enjoy doing it.

4 thoughts on “Hope Is Essential For New Dreams

  1. Success of a writer can be measured by different people differently. Am I commercially successful? Am I critically acclaimed? Do I feel happy writing the peace? Ideally the last one should be the most desired. Being social animals, we need money and fame too.

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