Writing Journal – Wednesday, April 17, 2019 – 11:35

Tools I use when I face writer’s block

When I can’t write anything for my WIP, I write not the main story, but I write about it. I write about a character and his backstory. I write about story world and its cultural groups and backdrop for conflict. I write about plot twists and mysteries hidden between the scenes. All these writings help me find the needed power of creative writing and going on to write my main story scenes.

I have read many books about fiction writing. General books about creative writing. Even many books about a particular aspect of fiction writing, such as plot and structure, writing good dialogues, and writing description, or world building or character creation. All of them helped me to figure out the process and know better the career and craft of fiction writing. But at the end, I had to find my own way toward being a good fiction writer. As time passes I’m sure I will correct my path several times until success.

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