Journal – Wednesday, March 13, 2019

All my life was wasted on concerns of the future and regrets of the past. Shame about past decisions and planning for the future. In the process, I lost all my present moments. I didn’t enjoy my life, even though I tried all my life to reach a better point in life. It is clear that I had had the wrong method and style of life before. But something has changed recently. I now have more knowledge and experience. I will try once more, and this time I’m sure about my success.

I’ve found my way. I know clearly what I want to be. I’m a writer and a good one with good tools, my imagination. I can put any thoughts into words, now more easily. I’m sure there is enough audience out there for my writings, willing to read my works. They will be my long-term supporters.

Someday I will be a published author and a famous and successful one. Someone who, his writing will be read for decades even after his death.

So let’s continue writing.

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