Journal – Saturday, March 16, 2019

What do you do for a living? Are you working in a field that you love it? Are you enjoy your career? If yes, you are on the right path to success and happiness.

This is a rule of this life on earth, that we need to work to live, putting aside part of the community who live to work and try to earn money from every possible method, most of us work to be happy and enjoy our life beside earning money. But things always do not go straight. Many of us are forced to work in crafts that we don’t enjoy, so we live a dichotomous life. A bad and boring part of working hours that we hate, and a part we are free to do the things that we love.

Some have the great opportunity of working in a field they love, so they enjoy their work hours as they enjoy their free hours. There is no distinction between work and life and they are happy all the time.

I wish for myself and all human beings this life. If you don’t live like this try to do this as soon as possible. Find a talent in yourself that you love to do all the time. Go and seek an opportunity to make a career in it.

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