This Story Is Going Somewhere

Work on the manuscript of one of my #WIP is at the end, and finally, the first draft is ready. I’m now officially in the editing phase for that novel. I’m really happy because after capturing an idea, developing a plot, defining and building a story world (setting), and creating all needed characters for that story, the hazards lie in the phase of writing the first draft. Hesitations during all this phase come to mind. Does the story have a niche audience group I can rely on? Can I finish the story? Is the plot is flawless? What if I drop this character or change that one?
But when the first draft is ready you are at least relaxed that your story is going somewhere. It has still many flaws and needs huge revision work, but you know writing is rewriting. You are in the editing phase and before that, you can have a break and rest for a while.

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