Looking At A Beauty’s Face Is Permitted

My grandfather was a Hallaj (a person who makes cotton ready to be used in pillows), back in the 1960s and worked in Bahrain. His work was that he went to the houses and made pillows and bedclothes for them. They were filled with cotton. They had a device that prepared cotton to be used to fill the pillows.

One day he went with his apprentice to a house in Manama in Bahrain. The house consisted of an old man and his lady and their son with his pride. The son was not present in the house and was abroad at the moment.

The bride was a real beauty. That kind of beauty that changed eyes toward herself. After some time passed suddenly the old man protested. He said that your apprentice is looking at our bride all the time and does nothing. The old lady sang a verse from a famous classic poet:

Looking at a beauty’s face is permitted

But the old man said that the Hallaj himself is working all the time, but his apprentice’s only task is looking at our bride. My grandfather apologized and punished the apprentice not to look and be busy with his work.

After a while when they were left alone, he said, I’m looking at her too. But not notoriously as you do.

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