Facebook is jealous

I started seeing Facebook some 12 years ago. Our relationship was good at the beginning and we shared lots of happy times. After a few years we didn’t enjoyed being together as much as before, but we were in touch sometimes.

In recent years I went back to Facebook more frequently. Not to meet Facebook herself, but to use her as a tool to promote my works on other places such as my blogs. But she in not now happy about it and frequently kicks me out. Then she asks me to verify my identity once for every couple of days. I know she knows me well enough and she also knows many secrets about me, and all these behaviour is because she knows I’m not that into her and only use her as a tool to have a better time elsewhere. She is jealous, I know. She is also angry with me because she asks me so frequently to pay for her ads, and I simply refuse her, or completely ignore her requests.

I finally decided to hide anything from her. I reduce my sharing with her. Never share a link that shows my engagement elsewhere. I decided to disconnect all apps that is connected to Facebook and also be less active on my timeline and reduce my activity with others there. This way may cause Facebook be more relaxed and let me be. She has an unknown community guideline that is silly. I have many memory and moments that is there with her and I fear someday she simply kick me out without any explanation.

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