Maryam’s Painting About Her Dream Visit to Paris- Before Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral

This is what Maryam has painted a few days ago, about her dream visit to Paris. She only knows that Paris has a tower called the Eiffel Tower. You can see it in the middle of the painting. At bottom-right, you can see Maryam herself, joy is shown clearly, and a unicorn is flying above her head. At bottom-left, is her sister, Maya, and above her and higher you can see an angel flying.

I wish I could afford a journey to Paris to take my family there, but I can’t, at least in the immediate future. I am happy that Maryam only knows about Paris and Eifel and knows nothing about Notre Dame cathedral. She would be very upset to hear that it was on fire. All the world is sad when they hear this news, that one of the great icons of human history is damaged by fire and many arts are lost forever. The priceless arts. By the way, how we set prices on that we say it’s priceless?

I, as a Persian, know what is the meaning of fire to a historical place. To a nation. To a civilization. Many great nations for thousands of years, come to existence and developed civilizations until some enemy defeated them and put everything to the torch. Thousands of years that was the rule of the world. Nations tried hard to build a powerful nation. In the process, they destroyed many other nations. Until another powerful nation came and defeated them and burned them completely from the earth such as they never existed. They killed men and enslaved women and claimed all their treasures.

Until Cyrus, The Great changed the rule. He made himself a powerful emperor with a vast territory, but never burned a civilization. He, and Persians as a nation respected all nations and cultures and religions. Thousands of years later we need this spirit again. We are all sad about Paris, but we should also care about treasures of humanity and history around the world, that are under threat, including destabilized countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.

3 thoughts on “Maryam’s Painting About Her Dream Visit to Paris- Before Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral

  1. Cyrus showed how to run an empire. Let the conquered keep their gods. The Arabians could have learnt from him.
    I compare Notre Dame, a place I love, to Ayasofya in Istanbul, and those two glorious mosques in Isfahan. I hold no faith, but I keep these sacred places close to my heart, and it struck me to my coeur to hear of the fire. Thankfully the damage is not as great as it could have been, and Notre Dame will be repaired.

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