Fatemeh The Wise one

My firstborn child is dear to me
She is the wise one among the girls
She cares a lot about her sisters
Always she is worried and cautious
She loves reading and writes prose
I think she will be a writer and proud

The day she was born I was so happy
I felt the sweet feeling of being a dad
But tomorrow morning my joy come to end
When the pediatrician told me a painful fact
One of her nerves had damaged in her neck
During the time when she was given birth
So it caused that she couldn’t move
One of her arms, the right one

I went to a corner and cried in silence
This was the most painful moment in life
I called for God, she is a little girl
Take my arm instead, let her have a healthy one

We went to another specialist, a neurologist
She tested and said nerve is damaged but
There are some pulses that make me hope
But we need to wait for three months

I was at work when she called
My wife was, she was behind the line
She shouted with an excited voice
That our baby girl had just moved her arm

Written: Monday, April 8, 2019, 14:07

Note: I have two other younger daughters that I’ll tell you about them later

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