Creative writers have many parallel imaginary lives

Creative writers have many parallel imaginary lives. They have a real common life like any other person, but they are not confined in that reality. They can live in an imaginary life and have many different personalities. Real life and its experiences absolutely have effects on their imagination and as result their writing, but their writings aren’t normally about facts.

Reading helps to live in imagination. Creative writing helps to share the writers imaginary world with readers. There is a pleasure in it. In connecting between writer and reader. Most successful fiction writers are good readers too. They can inspire from real life and from joy and pain in it, and use them in their poems and prose, but real world is not as beautiful as most desire.

Therefor creative writer goes to many imaginary worlds, in past, present and future and learns from them, then gets inspiration for creating their own world. After that they create poems or stories in that world to show them to their imaginary people, their audience.

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