What can help productivity

What can help productivity? Hope, self-satisfaction, praise, and finally money.

Hope is important. Someone who is not hopeful during the process can’t do tasks well. She is always waiting for a problem to terminate the project. This person can’t be productive, and at the end her project may actually fail. Look forward!

Self-satisfaction can help one do more tasks without being tired or bored. If someone’s work coincides with her likes, she enjoys her tasks, so she can be more productive.

Praise is needed by all who are on the way of doing something complex. With praises that she is given for small steps from others, especially the loved ones, she can have more motivation to go to the end.

Money is also very important. If doing anything help someone reach the money she needs to gain the things she desire in life, or doing something , or being something she wishes, she will be more productive doing that task.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019, 8:12

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