Writing Journal – Monday, April 1, 2019, 09:01

Tasks for preventing writer’s block

Working on long and time demanding projects such as writing a novel can be challenging. It takes months and even years to finish one, and during this process many events can occur that as a result you end up with an unfinished work that you don’t know how to finish. Creativity dies and mind goes blank sometimes. Many everyday problems in life and relationships may cause you forget about writing your novel for a time period, and when you come back, you find it’s very hard to resume work on it.

In these situations, writer’s block faces you. I have this too many times. To face it I decided to run a blog and post my everyday writing articles, journals, some short stories, and my poems. Hopefully I can get some feedback from readers around the world to keep me motivated, and also help me be more creative and come with new ideas in any moment.

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